Hi there!

After several months confined at home because of the pandemic, we return to the road. Or to the sea. Right now we’re taking a nearly 3-day ferry from Tenerife to Huelva. But we have a cabin, smart tv and meals included. 🙂

Our van has improved a lot in these months. We installed a 200W solar panel connected to an ultracell battery with mppt. So now we can camp for a couple of days without having to worry about the other two batteries. We also installed a couple of LED strips with remote control and buttons which adjustable in intensity. One goes in the back and one inside. It’s very cool because now I have extra light to cook as we have the kitchen module in the truck. We got several storage boxes and an extra 16L tank of water that we will use for our new 12v shower. And finally we have reorganized and optimized all the compartments that are now catalogued with their contents in an excel. We know exactly where everything is, even the aspirins or the 6mm countersunk screws. ?

So we are more prepared than ever. And looking forward to explore and see our friends! We have been lucky enough to spend our quarantine in a nice house with a garden but it is time to travel again and make the most of the world. I want to jump into every river I see and hug the people I love. We took the video equipment with us so I would love to shoot a lot of videos. So if you are interested in filming with me write me please! Or if you want us to visit you ?

Destination? None. We are in no hurry, the only plan we have is the Shibaricamp in Sweden in August. But I have a feeling this summer is going to be fucking amazing.