It had to happen. Like when a black woman invented the MeToo and white women made it fashionable. Now that Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift have taken a stand, it’s cool to be anti-racist and Vogue recommends book lists to understand racism. Books that if many more had read we wouldn’t have 99% of the time white people and their stuff taking up space and saying that all lives matter.

Like when Pepe Reina, after supporting VOX (Spanish fascist party), signs up to the #StopRacism craze with the most blatant hypocrisy. Like when they ask us to shut up and we fill up the net of black squares and now our stupid black squares have more visibility than the black struggle.

Like when Marielle Franco is murdered and then her killer is elected president. Like when Mexican feminists or Chilean citizens left traces of their uprising on monuments and streets, and there were people who were more shocked by their graffitis than by the macho crimes, or the capitalist plundering. Now those who do not suffer from police brutality are also trying to dictate the correct way to protest.

Like when you care about other countries’ POCs and not your own, the ones you chase around the squares with your own police, the ones you let die on your borders. There are bodies that only matter when they are dead and others that don’t matter even when they die.

We see it every time they rape a strawberry collector. Every time domestic workers and sex workers get denied their rights. Every time a latino is entangled in bureaucratic hell to get family reunification. Every time a mantero is mistreated. Every time a migrant child is torn from their families. Like the one who just committed suicide in Tudela.

Because racism doesn’t just exist once a year for us to wash away our white guilt with a hashtag, it is a system that oppresses Black people daily and cruelly. Start giving space and voice to those who never had it.