Now you are gone and I don’t know what I am going to do without you. It was too soon for you, too sudden. Life is so unfair. You had a bigger heart than most humans will even dream of. You always came to lick my face when I was crying and cuddle me all night when I was sad. In some way, I felt like we were meant to be together.

I still remember the day I met you. You were the biggest cat in the shelter. As soon as you saw us, you crawled with your 8kg in top of us and started to purr. They told us you were unable to socialize with other cats and were getting depressed, we knew you were the one.

Since then, love grew exponentially. I will keep the good memories. Like when you sneaked into the locked kitchen in the middle of the night and ate half of the fridge. Or when you snuggled your beloved pink stuffed pig during your naps. Or your excitement when I brought your favourite canned food. Or when you hugged me in winter under the comforter. Or when you decided to sit like a chicken with all your weight on top of my boob. Or when you run around the flat hunting mosquitoes desperately. Or when you fell slept in my arms when I played your favourite music.

You were a very special cat. But most importantly, you were my family. You will always be. I love you and miss you Tonel. Please, find peace wherever you are now.

(picture by JJ Roman)